Foods Do Lower Cholesterol

An article appeared today in Reuters health that warmed my heart.  It states that consuming cholesterol lowering foods togethe, rather than separate,  may be effective in lowering cholesterol.  Actually the American Heart Association and the National Cholesterol Education Program Adjult Treatment Panel recommends the use of foods high in cholesterol-lowering ingredients for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease. 

The foods that were studied and recommended are:  soy; fiber foods, such as barley, oats and eggplant; plant sterols, and almonds  (don’t use almonds if you are prone to herpes)  It seems as though the bad LDL cholesterol, can be lowered with the intake of these foods. 

This seems to be the case with hyptertension as well.  Food intake can greatly enhance the effectiveness of cardiovascular disease prevention for lowering cholesterol and lowering blood pressure.  So whether you are on medication or not, this can be an important avenue to explore.  Do not discontinue with your medication, but perhaps with the dietary changes, your medication can be reduced with consultation with your physician. 

In addition, regular exercise, digestive enzymes, protease, weight management, and stress reduction  is always my recommendation as well.  Overall approach to a healthy lifestyle is paramount. 


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