Fluoride in our water, and fruit juices-danger to kids and their bones

Many hundred if thousands of people in the United States are consuming water that may be above the government’s regulation for fluoride. 

Children exposed to this much fluoride may risk developing tooth enamel fluorosis, which is noted with discoloration on the teeth, (streaks on the teeth) and pitting of the teeth.

Other hazards with this overconsumption of fluoride is bone fractures. This will delight many who have been been reporting on the dangers of  excess fluoride ingestion for years. 

Another article appearing in Reuters health on the 14 of March reported that children may be getting too much fluoride with beverages, such as infant formula and 100 % fruit juice.  When you combine the fluoride in beverages with the fluoride in toothpaste, supplements may lead to toxicity.  This article mentions  that parents  should be aware of how much toothpaste with fluoride their children are using and whether fluoride supplementation  is then necessary 

Parents should perhaps tell this to the pediatrician, so they can make recommendations. 

“Bottom line from the nation;s top voice on science is that you can protect your children’s teeth by brushing them and you can protect their bones by getting rid of fluoride in tap water”    Tim Kropp, senior scienteis for the Environmental Working Group. 



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