Vegan menu

I am in Anaheim this weekend  at the Natural products Expo .  This is the large expo where every product seen in the health food stores is presented.  This may be food, supplement, drinks, clothing, fitness equipment  or cosmetic.  It is about three football fields.  It takes a few hours to walk the the other side as you stop and sample all the various foods and drinks. 

I loved all the teas, and the vegan and raw food ideas.  

 There are so many vegan food selections and raw food choicesat this show.  But when you go to a restaurant like I did last night, I was not able to find something decent  to eat. 

If there are so many alternatives featured at this show, why can’t I find something to eat. 

Why is it impossible to eat out in Disney Land.  i would have loved a big salad with vegetables, and some seeds and/or nuts.  What I could find contained some red lettuce leaves with some dried cranberries, and pecans.  It was good but very small and oh yes there were some steamed broccoli and one carrot.  I am hungry tonight.  Why can’t restaurants accomodate us vegans with a full menu.  I rarely eat out for that reason.  Let’s try to communcate to chefs.  (make more vegan plates and/or alternative vegan or raw choices.).  It will be very satisfying. 


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