Inflammation – trauma and football injuiries

I had a professional football player as a patient many years ago.  When he came to see me he was 35 years old.  He only played for one year.  I will never forget what he said. The pain and disability he suffers each day was not worth one moment of glory and prestige as a professional football player.  I remember how arthritic and inflammed he was.  His lower body literally mimicked an 80 year old.  He was extremely depressed because he was in pain and his range of motion was very restricted.  And he was not evern 40.  He did not want to live on analgesics and antiinflammatories the rest of his life.  Chiropractic care, and massage twice weekly was very helpful.  He wanted to come three times a week, but his work situation did not allow it during the time I was seeing him.  Enzymes were also very successful especially with the inflammation.  There are two enzymes, a soft tissue enzyme and protease enzyme that can offset the inflammation and pain without any side effects with respect to digestive distress.  Feldenkreis work  can be extremely helpful in that it gives you exercise you can do at home to continue the therapy.  Hot baths, acupuncture and other body therapies can all contribute to pain release and healing. And remember to stretch, exercise and push through the pain.  In the long run, it will pay off.   
Diet and nutritional support is absolutely necessary for pain relief and inflammation.  Remove the sugars and grains.  Moderate the amount of animal protein and eat as many vegetables and greens as you would like.  Quinoa, buckwheat, and wild rice are ok as well as limited fruits.  Reduce caffeine, salt, artificial sugars and food additives.  No sodas, diet or regular.  They can pull out valuable minerals.

For parents, learn about the sport your child is playing and be proactive as far as learning some exercises and stretches that will counter any repetitive movements (which in the long run can be detrimental).  Soft tissue injuries can be prevented and treated.  it takes committment and the urge to explore alternatives. 


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