Magnesium and Colon Cancer

 I was reading about new developments in health and noticed this in regard to Magnesium .  

It has been hypothesized  that magnesium can  cut the risk of colon cancer by reducing oxidative stress or free radical damage and.  It was also mentioned it  will reduce the proliferation in of cells in the colon.   

I have seen an overall deficiency of magnesium- and asthmatics and migraine sufferers as well as chronic constipation can benefit with supplementing magnesium.

Due to the consumption of soft drinks, diuretics, not eating enought magnesium  rich foods or digesting these foods, heavy exercise, you very well could be magnesium deficient.  .

The recommended daily allowance is 300mgs for men, 350mgs for women. Magnesium is extremely safe by mouth – too much simply causes diarrhea. But there are certain magnesium supplements that are helpful for individuals who are constipated and other magnesium supplements that will replenish your magnesium but will avoid any diarrhea.   The richest source of magnesium in the diet is from chocolate( yah!!  nuts, green vegetables, and seeds.


Vitamin D is necessary for the body to utilize magnesium. The major sources of vitamin D are dairy products, sunshine on the skin, and seafoods (at least 3 servings a week).

All diuretics will make you lose magnesium through urination. By this I do not just mean drugs, but also tea, coffee and alcohol. Even some herbal teas are mildly diuretic.

Hyperventilation makes you lose magnesium in the urine.

Heavy exercise also makes you lose magnesium in the urine. Magnesium is lost at times of stress. This also includes food allergy reactions and detoxification.

For magnesium to get into cells it requires thiamine (vitamin B1).  learn good sources of thiamine.  Eat those greens !!

For magnesium to be retained inside cells you need good antioxidant status. Selenium is the main mineral antioxidant. Foods rich in selenium include  meats, butter, garlic and onion. Seafoods are rich in selenium and obviously not dependent on soil levels.

Boron is necessary for normal calcium and magnesium metabolism. .

At present the only way I know how to ascertain whether or not magnesium levels are replete is to measure a red cell magnesium.  Some use hair analysis, but I have seen more accurate results with blood testing.

I test magnesium though my BioSET program, not really  if you are deficient, but if you are sensitive.  Sensitivity can cause a deficiency

I recommend taking magnesium as other minerals with an enzyme supplement, to guarantee delivery of the minerals. 

Magnesium is good for the heart and cardiovascular system.


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