Allergies and Skin rashes – dermatitits

Treating rashes has become a specialty of BioSET practitioners because it usually is an allergic reaction that can be remedied with the a BioSET.  Today I came across an article from Reuters that Nickel is the leading cause of contact dermatitis.  Some people who have a nickel allergy and try to wear earings that are not 18 carat gold know what a nickel allergy can cause- they experience  a dermatitis where their ears are pierced that can be very nasty.  This can definitely prevent them from wearing earrings that are not !8 carat gold.  These  earrings have very little nickel in their metal. Whereas 14 carat gold has quite a bit.    Other common allergens that they found to cause a dermatitis are:

cobalt chloride, balsam of peru, neomycin sulfate, gold soldium thiosulfate, thimerosal (which can be found in vaccinations, formaldehyde, benzalkonium chloride and potassium dichromatel. 

In my books, I go over  the products where many of these allergens  are found.  Many  are in soaps especially ones with fragrances and preservatives.  Those people who are allergic  may experience a  reaction when they may only slightly  touch their body to this allergen.  In this article they mentioned a young boy who had a reactcion when a metal button on his jeans touched his body. 

Other allergens I have come across are chlorine, latex, spandex, lycra, nylon, polyester, wool, dust, mold, animals dander, leather, plastic and cold or heat. And this is only the tip of the iceberg.

And we can’t forget foods!:  I have mentioned many times, that vitamin C and vitamin C products is clearly the top of the list for foods that cause skin reactions. 

Others are dairy, eggs, soy, wheat, yeast, vinegar, salt, and corn. 

Taking a digestive enzyme before meals can reduce or eliminate these food allergies and I do have an excellent skin enzyme and liver detox enzyme formula for skin problems. 

BioSET can desensitize you to these allergens with good success.  Check it out. 


3 thoughts on “Allergies and Skin rashes – dermatitits

  1. Dear Dr Ellen,
    My husband & I Have had some basic testing and clearing done with a chiropractor/part-time bioset Dr here in our town. I have had multiple allergies and have seen impressive results in the right directions with your bio-se t helps so far. Thank-You so very very much.
    My question has to do with my husband as he has myasthenia gravis since Jan 09 and has been searching for any helps.
    I note that in your book you say the thymus is important in the endocrine system and we are open to any advise you may have to preserve it vs having one removed. There are no enlargements visible in it . Top drs in the U.S. have examined him and MG anti-bodies and symptoms & muscle testing have all tested positive. Can I talk with someone perhaps yourself.. this is very important to us.
    He tested weak in bioset testing for ATP energy production, adrenelin, and milk.
    He is currently on 60 mg mestinon and 10 mg prednisone.
    We would have to avoid anything that would be not fittiing for use in his condition.
    I would love to talk with you.
    I truely appreciate and think highly of all your work.
    Thank-you Kitty Miner God Bless You

  2. Dear Ellen.

    I have discovered that Vitamin C aggravates this skin condition I have. I found this out when I added one Nature’s Way Vitamin C-500 per day to my diet. (500 mg.) I stopped taking the Vit C and the condition improved. However, this is an ongoing condition and now I am wondering if other foods I’m eating might be aggravating it too. I never associated food to it. Before I knew how sensitive I was to lotions, soaps, detergents, fabrics, etc. Anyway, I am wondering if the small amount of Vit C I get in my multi-vitamin might also be aggravating my skin?

    I take a multi-vitamin every other day (365 Adult Multi). It’s not a mega-dose vitamin and it only contains 60 mg of Vitamin C. Is this enough Vit C to aggravate my skin? I doubt they make a multi-vitamin that doesn’t include Vitamin C.

    I’m planning on doing an elimination diet. Should I eliminate the multivitamin too?


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