Sensitivitiy Load Phenomenon

It seems to just appear overnight, but this is usually not the case

Angela came to see me complaining of asthma and chronic sinusitis. She had previously experienced a stuffy nose from time to time, but she had never been asthmatic. “It seemed to just appear overnight,” she told me. I discovered that two years earlier when her asthma began, she had had a severe flu that had put her out of work for a month. Around the same time, some significant stressors came into her life. Her mother died of cancer, and Angela began to develop premenopausal symptoms.
After a complete examination at my clinic in Mill Valley, testing on a new advanced EAV machine and new advanced protocols, I found her sensitive to her own hormones, certain flu viruses, multiple environmental and chemical substances, sugar, dairy products, and grains. It soon became apparent to me that Angela was experiencing the sensitivity load phenomenon. Since Angela’s immune system had been significantly challenged, certain hidden sensitivities began to manifest themselves. Her body became overly sensitive, and she developed symptoms of asthma. In other words, this condition did not happen overnight. In fact, most of Angela’s sensitivities had been there for many years. They just required the right set of circumstances to create a tipping point and move from hidden to visible. Her symptoms radically changed after relieving her sensitivities, establishing good nutrition and digestion and clearing her with a very advanced desensitization technique I developed that I use at my clinic in Mill Valley. Learn more from my new book Clearing the Way to Health and Wellness and visit my updated website


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