The Keys to Immune Health

If you suffer from allergies, sensitivities, or one of the numerous immune disorders in which they can result, it can feel as if you were handed down a sentence of life-long misery. My latest book shows you that there are steps that can be taken to facilitate the body’s healing processes. Of paramount importance is that sensitivities can be detected and subsequently cleared. This can be done in several different ways, but in my experience the most effective and dependable methods are what are often described as ‘energetic’ interventions. For example, sensitivities can be identified using computerized skin resistance or capacitance testing.

Of equal importance, the immune system can be strengthened through good digestion and proper absorption of nutrients. The most important piece of advice regarding this is to eat a healthy diet that is supplemented by full spectrum, vegetarian digestive enzymes. And although it sounds trivial, thoroughly chewing your food plays a major role in exposing a much greater surface area of those foods to enzymatic action.

Even if the above recommendations are followed, an overload of toxins in the body can thwart the best of efforts. Toxicity overload can be decreased by avoiding, as best as possible, some of the many toxins that pervade our environment. For example, eating organic foods, drinking spring or RO water, and spending more time out in the country air can all help decrease various toxins. You can also prevent toxicity overload by optimizing the function of the liver, bowel, and other critical organs of detoxification.

For more detailed discussion and case studies of these principles in action, go to my website, or read my newest book, “Clearing the Way to Health and Wellness”.


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