MicroMiracles Enzyme Supplements

As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, a few years ago, I began formulated three different 100% vegetarian, broad spectrum digestive enzyme supplements under the brand name MicroMiraclesTM. Each was designed for specific purposes. Unlike the BioSET professional line of supplements, these are directly available to the general public. All three are available on our website, http://www.micromiracles.com/. In previous blogs, I described MicroMiracles Chewable Digestive Enzymes and MicroMiracles GI Calm.*

Today, I want to describe the third MicroMiracles product I formulated. MicroMiracles Digestive Enzymes with Probiotics is a 100% vegetarian, full spectrum digestive enzyme supplement providing a unique blend of enzymes and probiotics to optimize the digestion of all foods, thus minimizing indigestion, malabsorption, and food sensitivities including lactose intolerance. This formulation was designed for those wanting our highest potency full spectrum blend of digestive enzymes with the addition of probiotics. DPP-IV, a proprietary blend of protein-digesting enzymes, has been added to this formulation to maximize digestion of specific proteins including gluten and casein.*

I want to encourage everyone to take a broad spectrum digestive enzyme supplement before meals. Through my years of experience, I have found it to be the single most important supplement for most individuals. Here’s to your optimal health and wellness!

Read more about the miracles of enzymes in MicroMiracles, Discover the Healing Power of Enzymes

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. MicroMiracles products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


One thought on “MicroMiracles Enzyme Supplements

  1. I would like to purchase the tablets but cannot find a source. Also the link to the website where it says I can buy them is not active. Help?

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