Enzymes are ‘MicroMiracles’

I created the BioSET system of healing a number of years ago, and to this day have continued to develop it. The BioSET line of enzyme-based supplements was designed for health care professionals, even for those not using the BioSET system. However, there were many people asking me to formulate a line of full spectrum digestive enzyme supplements available to the general public.

A few years ago I came out with the book, MicroMiracles, in which I wrote about the healing power of enzymes. Without a doubt, the single most important supplement for almost everyone is a 100% vegetarian, broad spectrum digestive enzyme blend to be taken at the start of meals. This will help optimize the digestion of all foods, thus minimizing indigestion, malabsorption, and food sensitivities. Subsequently, I formulated three different 100% vegetarian, broad spectrum digestive enzyme blends under the brand name MicroMiraclesTM. All three are available on our website, MicroMiracles.com

Today, I want to briefly describe the first MicroMiracles product I formulated, MicroMiracles Chewable Digestive Enzymes. This formulation was designed for those wanting a full spectrum blend of digestive enzymes or for those who would prefer a chewable tablet. The chewable tablet is naturally lemon-flavored and sweetened with erythritol, a naturally occurring sweetener that does not produce calories and does not cause stomach upset or aftertaste. The full range of digestive enzymes in this formula are gentle to the stomach and perfect for individuals of all ages, including children, mature adults, or anyone having difficulty swallowing capsules.*

In subsequent Blogs, I’ll talk about the other two supplements in our MicroMiracles line, each designed for specific purposes.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. MicroMiracles products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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