Allergies are more than just genetic

bouquet of flowers

Do you wake up feeling tired even though you have had a good nights sleep. You may have allergies or sensitivities. The most common cause of allergies appears to be genetic. The second-most-common cause of the development of sensitivities is poor digestion. If a food is not being properly digested, it may eventually begin to trigger a sensitivity reaction in the body. One common contributor to leaky gut syndrome is poor digestion. Currently, the best way to identify leaky gut syndrome is to monitor symptoms. People who have the condition can help themselves by taking digestive enzymes with every meal, taking probiotic supplements daily to correct any imbalance among beneficial and harmful bacteria in the gut, avoiding the foods to which they are sensitive, and limiting the consumption of fatty foods, caffeine, and alcohol. BioSET can successfully clear those sensitivities- it is truly remarkable and life changing. Learn more reading Clearing the Way to Health and Wellness


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