An Overlooked Cause of Developing Sensitivities

There are several factors recognized as being related to the development of sensitivities. For example, a number of studies have documented the genetic predisposition of individuals with ‘allergic parents’ developing allergies themselves. Another example is ‘leaky gut syndrome’, in which the lining of the intestines loses its tight junctions between the cells lining the gut and allows larger molecules to enter the bloodstream. These larger molecules are more readily seen as foreign to the body and the immune system reacts to their presence.

In my practice, I have repeatedly seen what appears to be another cause of the development of sensitivities. It can best be described as a learned response. An individual may be exposed to a particular food, chemical, or other stimulus at the same time there is a natural, unlearned response to a different stimulus. For example, a person may begin to cough after drinking some water that ‘went down the wrong way’ while eating a particular food. An unconscious relationship may then develop between eating that particular food and coughing. Coughing becomes a learned response to eating that food. The person may subsequently be diagnosed with a reactive airway disease, especially if the coughing response becomes more generalized, being brought on by other stimuli as well.

Fortunately, once the reactant is identified, it can be desensitized using BioSET clearing. The learned response is then extingusihed by the clearing. I have seen many patients have remarkable turnarounds after the clearing(s) and their previous diagnoses changed by their diagnosticians.

Read more about sensitivities in my new book, Clearing the Way to Health and Wellness


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