Food Combining

There are a number of nutritionists from different schools of thought that advocate not combining different food groups with each meal. For example, a number of individuals advise not combining carbohydrate-rich foods and fat-rich foods in the same meal. This can have a beneficial effect on health, in this case because the transit time through the stomach will not be increased (that is, the digestive process will not take longer) because of the fatty foods increasing the likelihood of fermenatation of the carbohydrate-rich foods in the gut.

In my experience, there seems to be some merit to this. However, I have found that when a person is eating a predominantly raw diet, this is not an issue. Similarly, when a person eating cooked foods takes a high quality, vegetarian, full spectrum digestive enzyme just before each meal, the deleterious effect of improper combining of different food groups is mitigated. Of course, there are many other factors to be considered, but then again there are also a number of other reasons why taking the apprpriate digestive enzyme blend just before each meal is beneficial.

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