Inflammatory Bowel There is help !!

I have been working with patients with IBD for over twenty years with a success rate that would be considered remarkable by mainstream Western medicine, given that they see IBD as generally incurable. The problem usually stems from food sensitivities and excessive intake of carbohydrates in the diet, coupled with poor digestion of sugars and starches.
“At the end of my rope”
A gentleman in his forties once came to see me for IBD. His chief complaints were severe abdominal pain, cramping, and weight loss. In his own words, he was a mess. He had sought out many different conventional and natural therapies, but nothing had worked. He was quite frustrated and was “at the end of my rope,” as he put it. He believed food sensitivities were the underlying cause of his problem, and he hoped BioSET might finally be the answer to his problems. As the basic sensitivities cleared, he improved dramatically. Now he could eat and not feel sick. He felt so good that he stopped coming to see me.
One year later, he returned with similar symptoms. The cramping was back, though not nearly as severe. He was also noticing he needed to minimize his diet again. By doing some thorough testing and investigation, we learned that the B vitamin and sugar sensitivities had returned but only on the emotional level. “What does that mean?” he asked. I explained to him that if one eats certain foods when experiencing intense emotions, sensitivity to those foods can return. This is called an emotional sensitivity reaction. Once these emotions are cleared with BioSET, the foods that initiated the reactions will no longer be a problem. And that is precisely what occurred.
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