Intolerance to one of the major nutrients

An individual can be sensitive or intolerant to almost any food or food
constituent. This includes vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. One can
also be sensitive to a major nutrient, also known as a
macronutrient. There are two primary categories of intolerance to the
major nutrients. The one I have found to be most common is carbohydrate
intolerance. The other major category is intolerance to protein or fat.
Below are brief descriptions of each from my new book, Clearing the Way to
Health and Wellness:

“Individuals who are carbohydrate intolerant may experience symptoms such
as fatigue, depression, hyperactivity, malabsorption, low blood sugar,
bloating, chronic constipation, asthma, exhausted adrenal glands, premenstrual
syndrome, and severe food or other sensitivities. These individuals usually
crave sugar and/or carbohydrates. For weight loss, restrict legumes, dairy,
and grains.

“Individuals who are protein or fat intolerant tend to experience anxiety,
poor calcium absorption, and hypoglycemia and may be deficient in essential
fatty acids. They may feel sluggish after eating animal protein, experience
fluid retention and constipation, and demonstrate symptoms of thyroid
imbalance. These individuals usually crave fat, salt, and protein. For
weight loss, limit red meat and dairy products and restrict all grains;
increase low-fat vegetables and fruits.”

You can get much more information, including detailed dietary
recommendations and recipes, in Clearing the Way to Health and Wellness.


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