Why Take Enzyme Supplements?

Although enzymes are not used up in the chemical reactions they facilitate, they do degrade over time. This necessitates replacing those enzymes. The body has a finite capacity to do this. There are two other ways of acquiring additional enzymes, eating raw foods and taking enzyme supplements. Many people eat cooked foods in which the enzymes have become inactivated by the heat. Even eating some uncooked food usually only provides the enzymes sufficient for the digestion of those uncooked foods. This is the major reason why enzyme supplements are so important.

The most noticeable change most of my patients have reported once starting enzymes supplements just before each meal has been an increase in energy level. They no longer experience that ‘crash’ after eating meals, especially right after lunch. Even people without a diagnosed illness report significant benefits when using digestive enzyme supplements regularly. It simply makes no sense not to take digestive enzymes, especially if you eat a diet high in cooked, processed foods and low in raw foods.


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