Essential Fatty Acids and its importance

The EFAs are also the precursors for the eicosanoids, which include the prostaglandins and leukotrienes. The eicosanoids are powerful tools that hold the human body in shape. They are powerful agents that control many of the body’s physiological function, including hormonal function. They basically keep us alive and well. They are very important in regulating the immune system and the inflammatory process. Like all hormones, eicosanoids operate with a delicate balance as regulators of cellular function.
A sensitivity to EFAs, which is relatively common, can cause a deficiency in these vital nutrients and a resistance to absorbing them from foods. This, in turn, can lead to a deficiency of eicosanoids or prostaglandins and other immune mediators, resulting in immune suppression and chronic fatigue. Clearing the sensitivity can effect a permanent change in energy level and the body’s ability to respond to infection. Supplementation with essential fatty acids has shown benefits in cardiac problems, decreasing plaques in arterial walls, decreasing pain and inflammation, increasing oxygen flow and endurance, preventing platelet aggravation, and dilating airways, which makes them especially important for asthmatics.
From my new book, clearing the Way to health and Wellness


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