What are Enzymes?

“Enzymes are complex proteins in the body that accelerate chemical changes in other substances in order to provide the energy necessary to keep us alive. They are the catalysts that are essential to the successful occurrence of over 150,000 biochemical reactions in our bodies, particularly those involving food digestion and the delivery of nutrients to the rest of the body.

“Enzymes help convert food into chemical substances that can pass into cell membranes to perform all of our everyday life-sustaining functions. By supporting normal function, enzymes keep our immune systems strong enough to fight off disease. Enzymes help to nourish and clean the body, making possible the human body’s miraculous capacity for self-healing. Enzymes also make available the energy needed for a normal body to burn hundreds of grams of carbohydrate and fat every day. Without enzymes, life could not be sustained…

“Enzymes can be divided into three main categories, namely, systemic, digestive, and food enzymes. Systemic enzymes are produced internally and are responsible for managing and regulating all processes in the body that have to do with the blood, tissues, and organs… Digestive enzymes are also produced internally and deal with the digestion of food and the absorption and delivery of nutrients throughout the body… Food enzymes, the only ones that are externally produced, are derived from raw fruits, vegetables and supplemental sources.”

From my book, Clearing the Way to Health and Wellness


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