The Best Supplement?

Over the years, I have repeatedly said, “If there was only one supplement I could recommend, it would definitely be a vegetarian [full spectrum] digestive enzyme blend with most meals.” This has been my response to a commonly asked question of me by interviewers as well as patients. But it has also been a spontaneous statement I have made to many of my new patients who bring on their first visit to me the supplements they have been taking… by the bagful.

The articles they have read and the commercial messages they have heard seem to indicate that these various supplements will be helpful or even necessary for their health and well being. No matter what the information, this does not mean that a supplement is going to be beneficial to each and every individual at any given time. It turns out that many of my new patients are sensitive to many of the supplements they are taking. In fact, some of the supplements seem to have actually been contributing to the symptoms for which they have come to see me.

Through BioSET, patients find that they do not need and should not be taking many of the supplements they have been using. They can be desensitized to the ones that would otherwise be appropriate for them and then get the benefits of those supplements. And, of course, they are started on the vegetarian, full spectrum digestive enzyme supplement that is best for them in order to get maximum benefit from their food and supplements.


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