The Miracles of Digestive Enzymes

Enzymes are complex proteins that act as catalysts, accelerating over 150,000 specific biochemical reactions in the body. They are essential to the successful completion of almost all of the physiological processes in our bodies, which are required to keep us alive. Probably the best known enzymes are the ones responsible for the digestion of food and therefore the absorption of nutrients into the body. These enzymes help break down the foods we eat into smaller chemical components that can pass through into the bloodstream and then into each cell’s outer membrane. Digestive enzymes make available the energy needed for the body to burn hundreds of grams of carbohydrates and fats every day. This enables these available nutrients to be used by each cell to perform all of its necessary life-enabling functions.

Enzymes facilitate so many important biochemical reactions in the body that they have been called the basis of all systemic activity. They help to nourish and clean the body, converting proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and other nutrients for the body’s use, and are involved in the delivery of nutrients to the cells and the breakdown and transport of toxic substances, purifying the blood. This makes the body’s miraculous capability of healing itself possible. By supporting optimal function, enzymes keep our immune systems strong enough to fight off infections. For example, the especially plentiful enzymes in white blood cells enable them to digest foreign invading substances. Without enzymes, life could not be sustained.

Take Enzymes regularly

A number of things diminish an individual’s available enzyme supply, such as eating processed foods, drinking caffeinated or alcoholic beverages, extremes in weather conditions, pregnancy, and various stresses on the body, including injuries, colds and fevers, and strenuous exercise. This is probably the primary reason why individuals can suffer from suboptimal health because of poor dietary choices and stress, both physically and emotionally.

If we do not eat a diet rich in enzymes, we can deplete our enzyme potential because we are not replenishing our enzymes. If all enzyme activity were to stop, the body could not function and would die. This is why proper diet and enzyme supplementation are essential. We have the capacity to use the enzymes from the foods we eat to ensure the body’s ability to digest the needed nutrients. This explains the increasing popularity of new enzyme health products and the recommendations from a growing number of experts that people should increase their intake of raw foods and use enzyme supplements.

Enzymes can restore energy and homeostasis, help slow or even reverse the aging process, improve a dysfunctional digestive system, and strengthen the immune system. In her years of working with enzyme therapy, Dr. Ellen Cutler has witnessed tremendous successes in a variety of illnesses. The most noticeable and immediate change in most of her patients has been an increase in energy level. Her patients no longer notice that ‘crash’ after meals, especially right after lunch, the most common time for that to occur. And the remarkable change in hair, skin and nails with taking digestive enzymes is overwhelming. And guess what? Digestive Enzymes even stop food cravings!!

Dr. Ellen is appearing on The Balancing Act airing on Lifetime Television


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