Chronic Pain – It may very well be what you are eating

How many millions of people every day suffer chronic pain? The amount of advil, aspirin, tylenol etc that are used on a daily basis is staggering. For many people chronic pain has to do with inflammation as a result of what they are EATING. I have an experiment for you. If you are suffering chronic pain- try eliminating sugar
(all types of sugars), grains, alcohol, and dairy products for at least 10 days, ideally one month (no refined sugar at all). I am certain many of you will notice substantially diminished pain and inflammation. These foods, for many reasons, provoke inflammation, and auto-aggressive reactions causing increased pain, stiffness and sometimes disability.
My recommendations: Try a low carbohydrate diet, eating less food, and completely eliminate sugar in every way shape or form. You may just be able to live on less analgesics. And try a digestive enzyme before meals. It reduces your craving for these foods.
You may also try a raw diet as a therapeutic approach to ease the pain and suffering. A raw diet or nearly raw can be a health practice throughout the year. This will help cleanse your system, lose weight and certainly can often help with those aches and pains.
Another note; There is a systemic enzyme called protease that is one of the safest, most effective, non-prescriptive,anti-inflammatory supplements that not only ease pain and inflammation, but is also heart protective and a very effective immune booster. I recommend every person use protease. I have also seen it useful for those who suffer premenopausal symptoms, acute or chronic tissue injuries, sinusitis, bronchitis ,cystitis, arthritis, otitis media as well as anxiety. You can read more about protease and the miracles of enzymes -digestive and systemic in my books as well as the beneficial effective of reducing food sensitivities for all sorts of ailments. Thank you for reading.
MicroMiracles, Discover the healing Power of Enzymes


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