Testimonial of a patient-

I wanted to share this testimonial of a patient I saw in my clinic that will demonstrate how BioSET can change lives- Eliminating food sensitivities is vital to one’s life.

We first started noticing a problem when he was a few months old and was starting to drink formula. He would get very congested. At that time his doctor opted to put him on a soy based formula. It helped. We stayed away from whole milk but let him have limited other dairy products. By about 18 months to 2 years he was diagnosed with asthma as well. Many nights I would sit up with him wondering if he would make it through the night. Or speed off to the hospital for a breathing treatment. It felt like we lived at the doctor office. He had lots of ear infections and illnesses and never slept through the night until he was at least 8 and still sleeping was always an issue. He was also diagnosed with ADHD at about 5 years of age. We changed doctors and this doctor felt she could help him. She was a general practice doctor not a pediatrician but we really liked her. She started by taking Josh off of all the most common allergy items like all dairy, soy, eggs, wheat etc. After a period of time she slowly added things back to see how he tolerated each item. Dairy was the one thing she said he could not have. She gave him a series of  vitamins, minerals, fluoride etc things to take daily. She got him stronger and started letting him taste dairy here and there. I guess desensitizing him. It worked and he them began to enjoy dairy with no known ill effects. He was about 8. By this time another doctor has prescribed drugs for his ADHD. We noticed he became withdrawn and removed him from taking these drugs and tried to help him via diet. Then Josh went through puberty. He started having random or so we thought “attacks” we had a hard time trying to place what was causing these allergy attacks. They started getting worse and worse and we discovered dairy and eggs were the cause. At first it was anything with caseins and then as time went on any trace of dairy including cooking something by dairy would put him into a severe attack. An attack was itching throat and cheeks, tons of really thick mucus to the point he had trouble breathing. He would have some swelling in his throat and tongue as well. When he had an attack he would have to take a few benedryl and go to bed for many hours to even remotely be able to cope. The attacks got more severe and more often even though we read every label. He was already thin and began to lose weight. He was now 20 and painfully thin. 5’3” and weighed about 110lbs. His clothes hung on him. He felt eating was like playing Russian Roulette so he began to not eat very often. I worried. Because of our past experience when I heard a doctor on the radio talking about desensitizing treatments for food allergies I called. After talking with the doctor, the doctor would not see him as his reaction was too severe for the treatment. My son was wasting away and I was determined to find him help! A friend told me about doing treatments at home and food intolerance’s.  I went to our huge bookstore to research and ran into a young lady that asked me what I was looking for. She told me about her experience with Dr Ellen and helped me find an older book Dr Ellen had written. I purchased the book and went home to study it. I must admit as I read the book I thought this is probably a bunch of bunk but I was willing to try anything. I was desperate so I called Dr Ellens office and after a discussion made an appointment. I had to convince him to to go as leaving home meant eating out and he had gotten to the point he never ate anywhere else but home and rarely left the house for long. When he ate out if he didn’t have an allergic reaction he had to run to the potty and his body would dump what he ate. It was very uncomfortable in public to have the best case reaction to be the runs. We traveled the 650 + miles to see if Dr Ellen could help. We scheduled an evaluation and 7 treatments over 4 days. Dr Ellen found tons of things he had a reaction to. She was honest to us and told us dairy was one of the hardest and she could not guarantee a complete recovery.


After the first visit we walked out the door and my son started quacking. He said I was wasting my money and nobody could help food allergies because that is what his allergist told him. We went back that afternoon and had another treatment. After this treatment he was VERY tired and went to the hotel and fell asleep. That evening we went to a restaurant where they put cole slaw (dairy) on his plate. The juice ran all over his food. This normally would have taken him out for the night and meds would have been required. He had a reaction but not nearly as bad.  Switched meals with me and kept eating. WOW! He still did not believe he thought maybe it was a fluke. As the treatments continued he slept hard after each one. We began to see the difference but he refused as he really did not want his hopes up to be crushed. About 3 month later we went back for another round of treatments. Dr Ellen told us to go out and have butter and or white cheese.  As we sat in the Italian restaurant and he ate a cheese stick made with real butter and parmesan cheese he was shaking he was so scared. He had very little reaction after a few bites and began eating more quickly. He was shocked and I cried. We came home and continued treatments at home but he got injured and his reactions started again. Not severe but started getting worse. So we went back for more treatments.  He had years of fear built up to the reactions he had to most foods. So he not only had to overcome the actual allergic reaction he had to overcome his fear. When we came home he started eating dairy cooked in things. We found small doses at a time and treatments were making it better. He discovered chewing gum after he ate made a huge difference too. Here we are, 14 months after our first treatment.  Josh has gained ten pounds and grown one inch.  He also realized his dream. Eating a Cinnabon with NO reaction at all. He eats eggs almost every day and although he will not sit and have a glass of milk, he no longer fears having a reaction to anything he eats. He is still careful but not overly so. The worst reaction he has now is a bit of tingling and all he does is use a pressure point in his neck and it disappears.


Now a note from me a desperate mom searching for something to save my son to the Doctor that God sent us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for him. You gave him his life back and now he is able to pursue a dream he has had for many years. He enlisted in the U.S. Army.  He no longer thinks you’re a quack, lol, in fact he feels he owes his life to you. You are his angel sent from heaven to give him a real chance at life. He can eat out without fear and now enjoys leaving the house regularly. You Dr Ellen are our miracle from above J


Thank you,




P.S.!!!  I just got a text from Josh. His first full day on base and he drank a glass of milk with lunch with no reaction! WOWZERS!!!!! He is cured!


Thank you thank you thank you Dr Ellen!


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