Skin Health

In addition to direct support of the skin, digestion, nutrient absorption, waste elimination, food sensitivities and toxic reactions influence skin health.  Digestive enzymes break down food and facilitate the absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream.  Eating wholesome organic foods with digestive enzymes can minimize free radical damage.  As the body’s metabolic thermostat, the thyroid gland is important in regulating temperature and energy production, with a direct impact on enzyme activity and therefore skin health.

Neutralizing toxins that trigger free radical formation also minimizes free radical damage.  The liver plays an important role in the elimination of toxic waste by filtering toxins from the blood.  The colon is also critical to the detoxification process.  Also, both protease (protein digesting) enzymes and probiotics support a healthy immune response and reduce the risk of infections throughout the body, including those related to acne.


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