raw fooders and less sleep

It has often been said, that people who are raw fooders need less sleep than others that eat cooked food.  Perhaps this is true.  i was talking with someone tonight about this.  I have lived on the average of 5 hours of sleep for many years.  I truly can't imagine sleeping a whole 8 hours.  I always thought this was just my body type, and it actually may be exactly what it is, but on the other hand, it could very well be that I am one of those raw fooders.  Time will tell, when more people gravitate to that type of diet. 

But it also may be eating less food.  I encourage eating less – take half of your meal and push it away.  It can affect your overall health, stamina and weight.  Enzymes can also help accomplish this.


2 thoughts on “raw fooders and less sleep

  1. Ellen,

    Thanks for the link to your blog entry. Very interesting…especially for me with such a whacked-out life…sleeping late…eating often on mean or often a couple of smaller one…almost NEVER eating red meat…who know what other quirks.


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