Snoring peaks in women over 50

In the article on snoring and women over 50, an association  with snoring seems to occur more often with  woman in their 50's.  And the heavier a woman is, the more likely she is to snore.  For many, I have found snoring a direct result of eating certain foods and overeating.  The foods that seem to be the culprit are carbohydrates, yeast, sugar and dairy.  This includes bread, pasta, icecream, cookies, cakes, cereal, bars, and candy. 

Try avoiding these foods completely for 10-14 days, and see if there is a decrease in snoring.  Losing weight will usually occur with this diet, which will also help with snoring.  Complete avoidance is recommended, and take a digestive enzyme with foods.  This will cut down on craving for these foods.  Remember yeast is in breads, cookies, cakes, pastries and donuts. 


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