No More Sodas in the Schools!

Wonderful news!  The top beverage companies are going to pull out all the soda machines in the schools within three years time.  Down with high fructose corn syrup and do away with  obesity.  This is great news.  Why does it need to take over three years?.  In this day and age, why not do it immediately.  Easy to replace with water or other healthier beverages. 

But I will not complain, it is a first step and hopefully more will come.  Education is key for these children and the education needs to begin early on in school.  As they learn to read and write, they should learn how to care for their bodies and how to prevent illness-eating correctly, balanced, the down side to sweets and carbs, exercise and what obesity is, and the health risks accompanying obesity.  Kids are fascinated by their bodies and love to learn how to care for it and make it strong and healthy. 

Happy to hear soda will need another home besides the schools. 


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