Poison Oak

Today a young man, age 24 came to the BioSET clinic with a severe case of poison oak. He was completely covered with the rash.  He said " I am spreading this over my entire body"  I am sure most of you think that what he is saying is true, that you can continuously spread the rash.  But this is not true !!

Basically the rash doesn't appear until after the oil is absorbed into your skin.  Once you get the rash, you can't spread it around by scratching.  The reason most people think it will spread is because of secondary infection. You touch a poison oak plant, the oil is on your hands, you rub your face, and  it gets there. The oil is spread. After a bit of time, there isn't as much oil to spread around, so some parts are more heavily comtaminated than others.  And therefore the rash appears soon in some spots, and takes a couple of days to appear  in other spots. This gives the illusion that you've spread the rash by scratching or whatever. Just make sure you aren't getting a  brand-new infection from your clothing. Whenever you go hiking, as soon as ]you get home put all my clothes, shoes, everything in a bag, and wash it all.  You  can avoid poison oak through extreme precaustion.  And remember the dogs may be carrying the oil on their hair or body.  Read more about poison oak, and become informed.  paranoa with poison oak  is good. 

BioSET does clear poison oak in most cases with one clearing.  And there are a few enzymes that BioSET practitioners recommend immediately to  reduce the inflammation. MicroMiracles has some good suggestions of these enzymes   Have these enzymes on hand.


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