Rise of allergies worldwide.

It appears that allergic disease is an  important issue worldwide. The incidence of allergies is rising and they present in different ways such as sinusitis and ear infections ,asthma, headaches, food allergies, skin allergies such as eczema, and hives. The increasing incidence of allergies  and asthma has not been completely explained but may be due to many factors. Factors contributing to the increasing asthma prevalence may include home and office construction and resulting allergen exposures, as well as poor digestion, food allergies, poor food choices,  and increasing obesity and, outdoor and indoor  air quality. I believe the health care providers need to look into lifestyle changes to change the trend of the increasing occurence of allergies.  People are frustrated with the treatment options for allergies and asthma.  The results are poor, they are temporary and the side effects are more than one can bare.   Let's finally turn the attention to common sense life style changes.  It is easy, fun and you have one side effect- FEELING GOOD !! AND NO MORE ALLERGIES !!See treatment of allergies and asthma


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