Teenagers and Diets

I came across an article today on the detrimental effects of the fad diet craze with teenagers, focusing on losing weight and staying thin.

Teaching our children the correct dietary habits from day 1 is the key to avoiding dietary fads and food eating disorders. That is why it must begin at home with the parents. If children and teenagers see parents eating wrongly, how can we expect them to eat differently. Lessons on diet and nutrition should begin in kindergarten. Children can learn and understand why we eat somethings and don’t eat others. Why we try to avoid pesticides, and food additives. processed foods, trans fats and sugar laden food. And what a balanced, healthy meal looks like.
Craving foods can be alleviated with taking a digestive enzyme before meals. Digesting your foods and consequently utilizing the nutrients provide satiety for your body, so the craving can desist. Learn good dietary habits – eat more organic, eat more raw food and eat less sugar, carbs and artificial ingredient. Many of these problems we see with our teenagers, which also includes obesity can be prevented.


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