The not so sweet side of jelly beans

Jelly beans had a resurgence in the 80's with our former president Ronald Reagan and his love for this sugar treats.  And can you believe that during Easter, 15 billion of these little guys are sold and eaten.  Besides the fact they are loaded with sugar, they also are loaded with food coloring and food additives. 

Food coloring, sugar and additives can cause reactions in children with sinusitis, otitis media,  asthma and ADHD.  If your child is having a hard time today, it might very well be those jelly beans.  What can you do?

In the future, I recommend trying to reduce the stress load on the child, (load phenomenon), before and during Easter.   I talk about this in my books.  Eat a more balanced nutritious diet, exercise, and get the right amount of sleep, and keep your house dust and mold free as much as possible.  Then perhaps eating these treats will not cause the undo stress and aberrant behavior and inflammation. 


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