Snoring may be a dietary factor

Two people today asked me about snoring.  is there anything natural that can be done?.  I have found that deceasing yeast products or foods that promote yeast can often be a solution.  Trying a candida diet, or yeast free diet is worth trying.  But it needs to be done for at least two weeks to see results.  On a yeast free diet, one should avoid carbohdyrates, no grains at all, no breads, cereals, yeast, vinegar, cheese, sugar,fermented foods (no sugar at all ) and enjoy a diet of vegetables (watch the sugar veggies) and protein.  Nuts that are roasted, (no salt) is a better choice than raw nuts.  Don't eat food that is not fresh and eat less food at a meal.  Take a digestive enzyme.  If you are craving the sugar, what I recommend is take a carbohydrate digestive enzyme when you are craving, it can trick you mind into thinking you just ate sugar.  It sounds strange, but works for some. You also may try a detoxification program along with this diet, may be helpful as well.

  I have some other recommendations in MicroMiracles.  Say goodbye to snoring and hello to a good night sleep.  Sweet dreams. 


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