Teenage and Spirituality

I wanted to share this person, Mimi Doe and this book with you. Having a teenage daughter can ruffle your feathers at times. I love her more than I can express, and having brought up a son, who is now 27, I thought I was quite experienced. But I have been a bit shocked at the difference a teenage girl is in her growth than my son.
This book is helping me discover my compassion as a mother and a friend. I found this book just last month, and have been overwhelmed by what it has to offer. I realize now my daughter is a spiritual, loving and sensitive being, who yearns for that verification with the closest person she knows, her mother. I am only halfway through this book, but I wanted to share the joy and excitement I have experienced in my relationship with my daughter Gabby, since I began reading. Realizing how divine and perfect her experience is as a teenager and how lovely she is in all her expressions, I can appreciate these special moments we have together. Some are challenging, yes but they are all just perfect like a flower that is blossoming.
If you have teenagers and would like to learn more about their soul, and their journey, I highly recommend this book And check out Mimi’s website as well.

Nuturing Your Teenager’s Soul
by Mimi Doe



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