Nutrition in Schools

A group in Congress, bipartisan plans to introduce a bill that would restrict the sale of some fast foods in schools. This would be required not only in the cafeteria but in vending machines and school stores and snack bars. They want schools to set an example by providing healthfood and perhaps reduce the incidence of childhood obesity.
This would focus on lowering fatty foods, high salty foods, and high junk foods.
Foods that would be eliminated are foods that promote obesity or chronic illness. The choices would come from recommendations of the Institute of Medicine. That report should be ready this fall.
Although this is music to my ears, I am skeptical of its enforcement. The food industry and soft drink industry will work try to oppose it I am sure. And the foods that continued to be allowed are still very unhealthy. The foods not included are ice cream, candy bars, cookies, chips, etc. Even jelly beans, and cotton candy. Currently what is suggested is that permitted foods would contain 5 % of the recommended daily allowance of protein and certain vitamins and minerals. And calories, fat, added sugars or salt is not even does not apply, only this percentage.
Well it is a start, and I am pleased, but more needs to be done and parents need education !!


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