Type 2 diabetes self induced

I spent most of the day being interviewed with another doctor on type 2 diabetes. I had to share with you what we spoke about because the incidence of this disease is threatening the lives of our children. Do you know that it is estimated that 1 out of 3 children will develop type 2 diabetes. It used to be called adult onset diabetes but because children are developing this disease it is now just called type 2. Lifestyle is the underlying root of this problem
Eating too much carbohydrates: which includes grains, sugars, sodas with high fructose corn syrup and cereals with sugar as well as many other fast foods items and junk food.
The next is not exercising. With the amount of food we eat, exercise is imperative. Remember out stomach is the size of our fist, and eating beyond that w/o exercising causes increase of fat,- and obesity goes hand in hand with diabetes. They are related as well as cardiovascular problems and other serious problems related to increased sugar in the bloodstream. It is deadly, serious effects which can be non reversible and life threatening.
Poor digestion of foods and food sensitivities are also an underlying cause. -taking a digestive enzyme with meals can usually resolve those sensitivities and reduce craving of foods.
READ LABELS for hidden sugars – they are ubiquitous and cause major health problems. Sugar is empty calories and can cause problems such as diabetes, ADHD, obesity and fatigue. Learn more about this problem and what you can feed yourself and your children. – send them with lunches. – this ensures that they will eat less sugar.


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