Sun Screen

I have always been suspicious of sunscreens and the claims they make.  Well there were lawsuits filed today that accuse sunscreen makers of exposing many millions of people to possible danger from the sun due to the false claims made by the products.  You mean they may not be protecting us? 

That seems to be the case.  Ths suit specifically focuses on labels that say they are effective agains the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays, and also to some being waterproof.  The suit does say that  parents have been misled for products aimed at children's protection

I have always wondered about the safety of the chemicals in sunscreen.

The rising rate of skin cancer has put using sunblock right up one of our regular habits, it is common procedure before leaving the house for many. And  makeups, and lotions have sunscreen inherent in their product.    In 2002, 50 percent– approximately 1.1 million cases–of all cancers in the United States were skin cancers, of which nearly 10,000 cases were fatal. It is easy to understand why many people have become fearful of the sun.    I love the sun, and perhaps there are other natural, common sense things to do to protect yourself. Just a thought.

However, it is not commonly appreciated, that the food you eat may be as important to the development of skin cancers than sun exposure.  We are eating plenty of processed foods rather than raw organic fruits and vegetables that have those antioxidants.  Protecting yourself with other naturalwholesome foods may be the answer.   

Two years ago, the prestigious National Academy of Sciences published a comprehensive review showing that the omega 6:3 ratio was the key to preventing skin cancer development. Fish oils and flax seed oil, borage oil, walnuts  are concentrated foods with omega 3.

Check out for more information on some products and more information on this subject.

Protease the enzyme has also been helpful for protecting against the sun's rays. 

Don't get sunburned, that is dangerous and potentially harmful.  And stay out of the sun during the most direct sunlight. 


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