high school event

My daughter who is a sophomore in high school shared with me the event that took place in her school today. It was a staged fatal car accident caused by drunk teenage driver. As she shared with me the events of the day, my heart began to race and i could hardly breathe. It was so real and so frightening. My daughter, just got her drivers license and although I love the freedom, I have trepidations about it all. Fortunately for one year, they are not allowed to take anyone in the car that is not over 25. Although I wish she wasn’t driving alone all the time, I am grateful for this law.
i can’t think of any other way that brings the tragic and horrific nature of this event to life then what took place today.
here is the site for you to view. I know they ask for donations of which I will give. My daughter mentioned to me that as soon as she drove to school today and walked into the parking lot, she saw the scene of the accident and the police, fireman, the staged victims , stretchers, and even a helicopter. Quite intense and real like nothing she had ever experienced. I do think it continues tomorrow.
here is the link



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