what about weight gain

I know I am usually referring to weight loss, but I often forget about speaking to those individuals who have trouble gaining weight.  Some have had this their whole life.  I know it is hard. 

The condition is really directed at absorption of nutrients, – which is what usually worries these individuals.  They eat and eat, but nothing changes.  They still often look emaciated. 

I have not particulary in favor of eating often (every hour or even every two hours) and eating great amounts of food.  This is not really the answer.  Eating three meals a day is usually sufficient for most people and eating wholesome foods, organic, lots of raw and taking the right enzymes is critical. Usually these people do well with a fat digestive enzyme taken with meals – on the first bite usually and taking a good nutritive enzyme multimineral formula.  If they really need to put on weight, drinking a whey protein powder drink or for vegetarians, a rice protein with fruit and other ingredients such as green powder and flax can be effective. Again take the enzymes before you eat so that you absorb the nutrients and utilize the calories. 


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