I began reading Dr. Wayne Dyer’s new book today, Inspiration , Your Ultimate Calling.
And he mentions awakening at 3:30 a.m and meditating. This can be our most intimate time with the Universal Spirit and Pure Consciousness. I did this the other day, and it was quite extraordinary. I thought that morning,- that our children who suffer ADHD and hyperactivity and aggressiveness should learn meditation. This could be their channel to let go of these tendencies and feel the other side of the contracted emotional state. They could learn how to become witness to these emotional upheavals and see how they are much more than that. Theycan learn to be free from these ups and downs. Their body may go through these gestures but their emotional and spiritual alignment is with a spirit that loves unconditional, they serves unconditional and that knows how to be in life unconditionally.
I love reading Wayne Dyer, because he says it like i feel it and reminds me of the bigger picture. I read these kind of books when i work out early in the morning. It inspires me for the day and brings a real smile on my face. Thank you wayne for these books of reminders.
One thing I read this a.m which was profound . Do something good for someone today. go out of your way and do something good- whether it is calling your mother and telling her you love her, or opening a door for someone, or hugging that person or being a listener – be open to doing something beyond the ordinary normal day activities. it will open your heart to the spirit of life and who we really are as spiritual beings in a body.
I know how to love and be loved. I feel very lucky.


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