Designer babies

My daughter was writing a paper on “designer babies” for her science class. It was chilling to read the paper. I was really unaware of the tests that now can be performed to determine genetic traits, with the desire to have certain traits for one’s offspring. Whew!! it really is happening. Will we eventually just have smart, beautifully balanced, healthy kids and adults. I suppose I should feel good about this. I like smart, healthy kids, but is just makes me feel uneasy. Does it make you feel uneasy?.

And on the other hand, I am seriously worried about the “bird flu” and the consequences of this pandemic. This could wipe out millions of people- I want to find something i can do to help protect people from this. I have read about collidal silver, some herbs, and some other complimentary medicines. But nobody really knows at this point.

If anyone has knowledge they would like to share, please let me know. In the meantime, I will continue researching.


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