Elderly Parents

I just spoke to a dear friend of mine who shared with me a very strange incident. Her parents went on a cruise recently. They are elderly( in the 80’s) and have been saving to do something like this for many years. At the end of the cruise, the boat encountered a huge wave and they both fell and were hurt, her father needed stitches and her mother injured her back. They were ok, but badly shaken. Anyway with tears in her eyes, she spoke of how this incident reminded her of the fact that her parents will probably not be around for that much longer. And she will miss them very much.
Then soon after that incident another friend’s confided in me that her mother almost overnight is having signs of severe dimensia.
We as the baby boomers are encountering this with our parents and our friends parents.
My parents died a while ago. My mother passed away from lung cancer at the age of 60 and my father passed away from bladder cancer (also caused by second hand smoke) at the age of 75. My mother smoked her whole life but gave it up 2 years before she was diagnosed with lung cancer.
There is not a week that goes by, that I don’t miss them and wish I could just have a 15 minute conversation. I miss my mothers hands and her beautiful smile and intuition. I miss my father’s long fingers and his incredible unconditional love and compassion, and his piano playing. He was the best.
They would love enzymes and they loved natural healing.
Those of you(baby boomers) who still have your parent/s, take the time to enjoy them while you still have the opportunity. Believe me, you will not remember the difficult times you may be having with them now as they age, but remember the wonderful moments they were there for you whenever you needed them.


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