Spring equinox and hay fever allergies – bless you

Are you one of those millions who dread the springtime due to the hay fever allergies.  Grasses are here now, as well as trees and flower pollen.  I feel like a commercial but there is clearly a natural answer to this and take this advice, so you can enjoy springtime and the outdoors. 

  • Avoid eating sugars, which includes grains such as rice, wheat, barley, millet, oats and avoid eating dairy products.  Of course if you have read my previous blogs, you know that I don’t recommend these foods anytime, especially the grains.  But particularly if you want to enjoy the spring, this is my recommendation.  Eating sugar compromises the immune system, the adrenals (which produces cortisol-natural antiinflammatory ) and depletes certain minerals which are essetial to combat these allergy symptoms. 
  • Take a digestive enzyme before each meal, in fact double the amount during heavy pollen season.  This adequate digestion reduces stress on the body and it can prevent allergy reactions.  It is quite effective.
  • Eat less food at a sitting and avoid alcohol, caffeine and lots of salt.
  • If the allergies are still a problem, learn about desensitization of pollens and related allergies.



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