Power of Touch

There are only a few things in this life that we don’t need to spend money to acquire and seek education to learn. We are born with this ability and this appreciation. ‘

Who doesn’t like to be touched and who doesn’t like to touch others. Watch how an animal reacts to being touched , and watch how the person doing the petting responds. It is magical and yet so overlooked in healing.

Touch brings energy, love and kindness. To be touched brings comfort, warmth, healing and unconditional love. Every person who suffers some illness, whether it is a cold, or pain, or cancer needs to be touched and needs to touch others. And don’t we love to watch others who are holding each other close. We spend lots of money to see it on a big screen.

I do think it is transforming, and the laying on of hands is a powerful tool. In fact there are many oncologists recommending some forms of healing touch for their patients. I believe they have found those individuals able to undergo their therapy more easefully.

let’s praise the those healing professions that use the power of touch and let’s honor our loved ones who share this with us. And let’s honor ourselves and our ability to share this act with others.
I often end my talks with a signature. One of them is:
Give three hugs today. –
Just watch what happens when you massage a young child- their expression and conductivity of love and energy is transforming.

Touch someone today and enjoy the spring equinox.


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