Sugar – chronic health problems

Of all the foods that I consistently see to cause set backs in health, and return of chronic illness. ( such as sore throats, joint pain, low back pain, skin rashes, depression, mood swings and fatigue) sugar is definitely at the top of the list.  And it doesn’t take long, a few days, and then one begins to fall apart.  There does not need to be any scientific data in regards to this.  i see it first hand in patients.   Sugar in the form of candy, breads, pasta, cheese and alcohol.  These foods  create havoc in the body, inflammation flares up, and weight slowly inches up.  It becomes a depressing spiral downhill.  And it is hard getting back on track. 

I know it is hard to be good all the time, but know your limits – maybe you can fall off the wagon a couple of days, but remember how you feel when you are right on track.  Keep it in mind, feel that level of health and don’t fall to where you can’t feel it anymore.  The last thing you want to do is forget what it feels to be healthy and energetic, free of pain and vital. 

 Two things,  take your digestive enzyme, don’t forget and keep exercising.  Exercise keeps you in the zone so you don’t forget wellness,good eating habits  and consciousness. 


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