Blended Salad

My good friend and colleague, Dr. E has been telling me about blended salads for many years now. He grew up on it and brought his children up on this. he is also a fellow vegan, and by the way he looks 20 years younger than his age. He is 67. Never would believe it.
I wanted to share this recipe with you.
Thank you Dr. E and here it is:
1 vine ripe tomato
1/2 large red pepper
1/2 medium cucumber
lemon juice or lime juice
1/2 romaine lettuce

Add optional: parsley
almond butter
ground flax
And two stalks celery: us these to push the other ingredients in the blender
usw a good blender or vitamix , and eat immediately after blending.
Take you digestive enzyme with blended salad and enjoy !!!


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