stroke and a B vitamin

There were two articles today that pretty much contradicted eachother.  First one was about stroke deaths dropped after folic acid( B vitamin ) was added to food.  Folic acid can lower homocysteine levels. Homocysteine – a amino acid in the blood is a risk facctor for stroke and heart disease. 

Another article mentions that lowering homocysteine does not protect the heart.  It does indicate that levels of homocysteine may be high in people predisposed to a heart attack or stroke, and folic acid and other B vitamins does lower the homocysteine, but studies have shown that the risk of stroke or heart attack is not changed. 

“The rate of heart problems or stroke was 18.8 percent for volunteers getting the supplements and 19.8 percent for the placebo recipients.  There was not much of a change. 

Little disconcerting.  I have been under the impression that lowering homocysteine does reduce risk of heart disease and stroke. 

Well I am a believer in protease and nattokinase for preventing clot formation and stroke.  There are both safe and natural and the studies are already promising.  i recommend everyone take protease and those with history of irregular heart beats, DVT, and have had minor strokes it is an excellent adjust to their regimen.  See my past blog on this


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