Soft drinks and obesity in children.

Over the years  adolescent boys have increased their intake of soft drinks. Most soft drinks are sweetened with sugar and not artificial sweeteners. Dr. David Ludwig of the Boston Children Hospital showed that school children drinking eight ounces or more of soft drinks daily consume 835 calories more than those avoiding soft drinks.

This  means that children who drink soft drinks  with loads of sugar take in much more calories  than those who avoid soft drinks. Either those taking sugared drinks causes more intake of foods and less restraint, or sugared drinks cause a rise in insulin that makes adolescents more hungry, causing them to eat more. Children who drink soft drinks are heavier and are more predisposed to insulin resistance and  more likely to develop diabetes later in life.

Why do we allow these children to drink these soft drinks.  They contain  empty calories, with not much nutritional value, cause tooth decay and as was said above may cause obesity.  Water is a better alternative, or unsweetened tea, or fruit juice that is diluted with water (too sweet otherwise).  And those parents who are introducing fluid for your infants.  Start with water, so they learn to like drinking water.  Don’t start with juice.  They will always prefer to drink something sweet rather than water.   


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