Smoking and teens

My mother died of lung cancer at age 60.  she should be still living right now.  I realize that lung cancer can occur in those that never smoked, but we know for sure that smoking causes lung cancer and vascular problems as well as other respiratory diseases.  it is a horrible habit.  I have such a hard time seeing high school teens smoking.  My daughter is in highschool so it hits home.  I did some training in a vascular surgeon’s office, and was aghast at the amount of young adults who smoke and who are faced with some life threating diseases because of this addiction.  I said and still feel that it would be great for young people to spend one day in a vascular surgeon’s office, and experience the devastation induced by smoking 5 plus years.   I saw gangrene in the toes of a 32 year old woman; severe diabetic ulcers that would not heal due to smoking; and of course major cardiovascular problems as a result.  

Please don’t smoke.  Please never start.  Each time you pick up a cigarette, you reduce your life span and your risk a major disease. 

Take on a healthy life style, work out, eat salads, drink blended healthy juice drinks and take your digestive enzyme.  This will prolong your life and you won’t smell of smoke and nicotine.  Tell all your friends.  let me know if i can help you with any questions.   


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