Inflammation and diet


When I was younger and  practicing as a chiropractor I herniated my L4 -5 disc and became unable to practice chiropractic manipulation again.  It was very hard, and debilitating.   I had surgery for my disc, but unfortunately the surgery was not successful.  I experience leg pain almost every day.  Honestly the only thing that saved me was my diet, enzymes and exercise every day.  Standing and sitting for too long was always pro-inflammatory.  I bring this up, because I remember experimenting with different foods to reduce inflammation.  The most remarkable change in pain and stiffness  was the complete avoidance of sugars, starches and grains.  It was almost immediate.  The chronic inflammation was 75 % less.  So therefore my outlook  on grains emerged.  And I began to study and research the not so healthy aspect of grains. 

Today I came across an article about Mediterranean diet having anti-inflammatory effects.  It seems like sticking to a Meditarranean diet high in fruits, and vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, meat and meat products, fish, a and low in saturated fats, lowers levels of inflammation in the elderly, as reflected by lower levles of a metabolite called C-reactive protein (CRP) – this is a marker of inflammation.  This diet also contributes to prevention of heart disease.  So kill two birds with one stone.  And you may also loose weight as well.  I bet the  antioxidants in these foods is probably the reason.

 Well add a digestive enzyme to you food.  people with inflammation may do better with the protein/fat digestive enzyme and definitely protease.  These are very effective. 




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