bacteria and whirlpool hot tubs – healthy or unhealthy ?

REading in today’s health articles, this article stood out at me.

  A new study shows  that hot tubs  can be breeding grounds for  bacteria causing diseases.  

“Dr. Rita B. Moyes a microbiologist at Texas A & M University tested 43 water samples from both private and hotel whirlpool bathtubs — the type that are “filled and drained after each use, as distinguished from recreational spas and hot tubs.”

“Every tub tested had some kind of microbial growth,” Moyes told Reuters Health.”

It seems as though  95 percent of the hot  tubs were infested with bacteria  probably  derived from feces .  Dr. Moyes explained that a teaspoon of normal tap water could  contain  bacteria but unequivocally  a teaspoon of whirlpool tub water, on the other hand, contains an average of more than 2 million bacteria.

When the jets are switched on, the bacteria-packed water gets blown into the tub.  and with the the movement of the water, in the whirpool,  an aerosol is created that carries these organisms down into your lungs or other orifices.  This does not seem to  happen in a regular tub Moyes explained.

The bacteria found in whirlpool baths can lead to a number of  different diseases, including urinary tract infections, and lung diseases. And the very young and the very old and those that are immunocompromised should be aware of this and possibly avoid whirlpool baths.

In my basic enzyme plan, I recommend an enzyme called protease.  Protease when taken between meals can boost  the immune system like nothing I have every seen.  It can also be very effective in helping the body deal with an overload of CICs (circulating immune complexes ). Protease can support and help prevent diseases brought on by bacteria, viruses and fungi.  I recommend everyone supplement with this.  It is also fibrinolytic, (prevents stroke) and anti-inflammatory.  You will be pleasantly surprised how healty you become when you add your digestive enzyme and your protease.  Probiotic is also part of the basic plan.  A healthy gut equals a healthy immune system.  Protease is important for everyone but especially critical for asthmatics, those prone to sinusitis, bronchitis, otitis media and colds and flu. 


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