Food labeling

Food additives can be a huge offender for the food allergy sufferer.  If you are not allergic to the food itself, you may be allergic to a food coloring, preservative, or other additive.  For example, additives such as MSG, a common flavor enhancer, and BHT and BHA, which are preservatives, an cause a serious reaction in asthmatics.  Food dyes such as tartrazine, which is found in FD&C Yellow no. 5, the most common artifiical food coloring, can cause hives, hyperactivity, behavioral problems,and exzema as can other food addtivies such as sodium benzoate and sulfur dioxide. 

Many food additives and artificial colors are made from coal tar or petroleum.  Many fruits such as oranges, bananas, pears, peaches, and tomatoes are picked before they are ripe and gassed with ethylene, a petroleum-based chemical that hastens ripening.  If you are allergic to petroleum in the air, you are likely going to react to the foods containing this chemical. 

Food labeling is much less complete than allergy sufferers. And this is where those with food allergies can run into a problem.  I have come across an increase in those children with severe food allergies (peanut, shellfish, milk, eggs, soy) in which there is a near fatal reaction- requiring emergency care with a epinephrine pen and/or hospitalization.  It is very frightening for the child and the parent.  And completely nerve wracking that the labeling of foods is not an exact science-can you imagine being a parent – you are fearful of your child growing on their own with the possible exposure to one of these allergens.  What if peanut oil is not stated on the label of an energy bar, or used in restaurant.  It can go on and on.  I had a patient many years ago that could not be in the same room with someone who just ate something with peanuts.  This person today brought in some chocolates that if you read the fine print mentioned this product could have soy, or/casein (milk protein).  And even the multi-vitamin,mineral could have traces of allergens.  The lack of proper labeling can be a nightmare for many.  What is one to do?  Read labels  please!! eat more fresh foods and less packaged and less dining out.  Prepare your food.  Some allergens can be cleared with BioSET.  But definitely not the severe allergens.  They are out of the realm of BioSET and energy medicine. 


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